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By joining the WPI Property Club you will entitle yourself to be first in line for some of the hottest investment property deals in the world!. World Property Investor is fast becoming one of the biggest investment property clubs in the UK and have already built a great relationship with many happy investors who have built a portfolio through us. Dealing in overseas and UK below market value property we are able to offer your our clients:

  • Discounted New Build Property - sold at a discount from the developer. Through or buying power we are able to negotiate up to 35% discounts on new and resale property.
  • Discounted Resale Property - People who maybe need a quick sale due to divorce or emigration
  • 100% Finance - Our aim to offer the client minimum risk and as little cash input or no money down. Many properties come with completely financed with a rental scheme which guarantee to cover ongoing costs.
  • Cash Back - Many investment properties will offer a cash back incentive. They pay you to purchase the property!
  • Distressed and Repossessed Property - With our close links to lenders and specialised property sourcing agents we are able to offer the very best deals on quick sale and rent back.
  • Overseas Investment Property - We will not market an overseas property unless all due diligence has been carried out.
    All promoted overseas property has to fit our model have a good investment return with realistic potential and exit strategies.
  • Purchase Package - If you have sourced a property yourself World Property Investor we will still help by offering our purchase package enabling you to purchase below market value property and receive a cash back.

At our investment club we are well aware of the bad press that has come with certain property clubs and do our up most to ensure that every property and development has gone through our strict due diligence process before we go to market.

This involves:

  • The Developer - The financial security of the company, previous developments and background
  • The Development - Financial backing, land ownership and planning permissions
  • Financial Structure - Do the properties stack up financially and fit our modal.
  • Rental Schemes - If the properties are buy to let is it feasible to let them out. What is the local rental market.
  • Discounted Property - Are they true discounts, many of our properties are discounted from the mortgage valuation.

World Property Investor are well aware of the pit falls in buying property overseas and UK investment property and are offered property every day from different developers who are promising discounts and investor incentives. But we will not launch a development or property unless it fits. Too many people have been burnt over the years especially with overseas investment property which has given the market a bad name. Many developers have shown themselves to be nothing more than crooks, which we are well aware of.

By joining our club you will be first in line to receive some of the best investments opportunities worldwide and also have the peace of mind that all your hard earnt cash is in safe hands.

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Property Investor Club – Start building your property portfolio today!

A property investment club is a great way to locate and acquire potential investment property without having to do all the due diligence activities individually.  Because there may be a small or large number of individuals associated with the property investor club, there is a larger opportunity of finding just the right property in which to invest. Often, investment opportunities are found through a word of mouth process rather than by perusing real estate listing agent's offerings.  By the time a listing is published, it may be too late to acquire the property without competing with many other potential buyers.


Making a property investment through a property investor club allows for a better opportunity to get a good price on the investment acquisition.  This statement is true for several reasons. First, the club members are more likely to be aware of the best bargains in the area simply because numerous people hear and see more than a single person in developing an investment plan.  Second, the purchasing power of a club is greater than that of the individual.  Better terms may be arranged because a well run club is more credit worthy than individual members. The seller may be more willing to negotiate a good price because the financing your property can be arranged quickly.


One of the many benefits that is available when a group of investors form a property investor club and pool their resources is the ability to share knowledge about discount property.  Education on related subjects can be presented during meetings of the club so that all the members are better equipped to make investment decisions. The subject of educational presentations can be a wide ranging as how to obtain private funding and how to repair foundations. Educational presentations also have the possibility of drawing in other individuals in order to expand the membership of the club.

Number of investment units

Another reason for participating in a property investor club is the number of investment units that can be accessed. Obviously, the chance for positive results on the investment is higher due simply to more opportunities to succeed.  If the units making up the portfolio include overseas property it expands the chance for success even further. Obviously, if more investors look for opportunities, more units can be identified that have a good chance of success. A higher level of resources due to the number of individuals who are participating in the decisions of the club.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process of making whatever studies or intelligence gathering to satisfy oneself that a particular premise is true or false.  Specifically, looking at structural characteristics, neighborhood housing values and otherwise determining that a specific overseas investment property is a good deal and stands a good likelihood of success to improve one's financial standing.  Just in terms of looking at the pluses and minuses of a parcel of investment property, belonging to a Property investor club makes it easier to complete reviews of the property and make an intelligent decision..



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